134 seats (10-12 must be removed to reveal orchestra pit)


Proscenium Arch: 24’9.5”w x 15’ 10”h
Performing Area: 24’9.5”w x 24’ 1.75”d (to cyclorama)
Loading Door: 9’11” w x 9’11”h double door


2 240v Single-Phase Panels
ETC Express 24/48 Control Surface w/ Monitor
ETC Source Four 750 (Qty. 14) 750W 26°
ETC Source Four 750 (Qty. 8) 750W 36°
ETC Source Four PAR EA 750 W (Qty. 7 including house light)
9 12-light border light rows behind scrim (various gel colors)
2 Leprecon VX-2400 Series II Dimmer Packs (each 100w service; non-expandable; 12 dimmers FOH; 12 dimmers OS)
8 Music Stand Lamps
Click here to view basic light plot.


Screen: Draper Rollermatic 20’ x 11’
Video Projector: Panasonic PT-DZ6700UL (Hi-Definition)
Zoom Lens: Panasonic Power Zoom DLE250
HDMI: Crestron DM-MD6X1
Power: Raxxess PD-800F
Switcher: Kramer V S-4 1 HDMI
Apple TV - Airplay capability
House Computer: 15” Macbook Pro 2.4 GHz Intel (Thunderbolt out; various PC/MAC adapters)
DVD/Blu-Ray: Sony Playstation 3
Wireless Control and Laser Pointer

House Audio Console: Yamaha MG24/14fx (stereo; 48v Phantom Power)
Snake: Rapco S-Series 16 channel
Signal Processor: dbx DriveRack 260
Amp: Crown CTs 4200
Power: Furman F 1800 PF R
Speakers: 4 x Yamaha S112v 700w
Monitors: 1 Yamaha S112v, 2 Yamaha S12Me wedge speakers
Portable Public Address: Yamaha EMX 88s 300w (16 channel)
Speakers: House monitors (see above)
Mics: 4 Audio-Technica PRO 45 (hanging choir)
          4 Samson CR77 Lapel (wireless)
          4 Shure SM58 x 4
Direct Input: 2 direct XLR to 1/4" unbalanced; 
Keyboard Instruments: Steinway & Sons baby grand, Yamaha Clavinova


Please contact Kat Alexander (Programs Director) to organize a space rental at Waterman's. 
Click here to view the Space Rental Agreement (PDF).