Laugh & Learn Preschool

Waterman's understands the importance of education at a young age. That is why we offer two different programs for two different age groups during the school year. Both programs run Monday - Friday for 4 hours each morning. We also have a combined aftercare four afternoons a week.


Origins of Laugh & Learn

Waterman's preschool program began the moment we opened our doors in 2004. The preschool program is a fundamental part of Waterman's mission is to provide enrichment opportunities to all of North Haven. The program has grown with the island and changed to meet the needs of the parents and children it serves. Originally only two days a week, Waterman's began to offer classes four days a week for the island's 3-5 year-old population, and one day a week for the 1-3 year-old population. A few years ago, Waterman's responded to parents' desire to expand the preschool. By adding a new (off-premise) classroom, Waterman's was able to offer programing five days a week to both 1-3 year olds and 3-5 year olds. 

Little Urchins (ages 1-3)

Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 12:00pm
Located on the ground floor of Nancy's Body Shop, our Little Urchins program encourages curiosity and development through playtime, nature walks and explorations, art projects, and more. There is even a vegetable garden our preschoolers help tend!

Sea Stars (ages 3-5)

Monday - Friday, 8:15 - 12:15
Whether it's building block and lego towers, baking treats and pressing apples with community members, or teaching each other the days of the week, our Sea Stars class learns by doing. With help from artists, actors, musicians, world travelers, and more, our preschoolers explore the world all from one tiny island.