Laugh & Learn Co-Teacher Duties

The following is fairly comprehensive though not a totally inclusive list of responsibilities and duties of Laugh & Learn Preschool Teachers.

Overall Responsibilities

  • Follow established rules and procedures of Laugh & Learn Preschool.
  • Arrive everyday with a positive attitude and prepared for the day’s activities.
  • Supervise and care for the children in their daily routines
  • Be vigilant that the children are safe at all times.
  • Create a warm, friendly and nurturing environment.
  • Work cooperatively with other teachers, volunteers and Waterman’s staff.

Instruction Related

  • Interact with the children to support play, exploration, and learning.
  • Plan and implement developmentally appropriate curriculum and activities that encourage self-esteem and social skills.
  • Work alternately with individual children, small groups and the entire class.
  • Be warm, friendly and affectionate with all students.
  • Be willing and prepared to take the children outside every day except in cases of seriously inclement weather.
  • Encourage independence in the students but be prepared to help as needed.

General Duties

  • Set up and maintain the classroom, making changes in the environment as necessary to meet educational or safety needs.
  • Actively maintain the overall organization and positive appearance of the classroom. 
  • Prepare snacks as needed.
  • Work cooperatively with co-teachers on planning and preparations.
  • Attend all planning and program assessment meetings.
  • Maintain educational records on each child's progress through observation recordings, early childhood screenings, and developmental assessments.
  • Learn new skills as required to meet special needs of individual children.
  • Assist in cleaning the classroom, toys, bathrooms and other areas of the center as needed.
  • Maintain professional development hours as required by the State of Maine.
  • Strive to improve the Laugh & Learn programs and activities in the best interest of the students.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Preschool Director.

Parent Relations

  • Maintain a strict confidentiality policy of Laugh & Learn. Only talk with parents about their own children. No gossiping or inappropriate conversations.
  • Participate in Parent Advisory Meetings.
  • Develop relationships with parents through open communication.
  • Encourage and support parent development through classroom volunteerism, home centered activities, parent/teacher conferences, and participation in parent development activities.

Waterman’s is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
For application, job description and questions, please contact:
Christie Hallowell, Executive Director
Waterman’s Community Center
PO Box 526     North Haven, ME 04853