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Volunteer Opportunities

Waterman's is currently looking for volunteers to help support some of our regular programing.
Here are a few things we would love your help with!
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Baking for Community Coffee
Every Thursday, come hell, high water or Thanksgiving, Waterman’s holds its Community Coffee Hour. A hot beverage and home baked goods are provided to all attendees for just walking in the door. A jolly time and sense of camaraderie are enjoyed by all. Anyone who enjoys baking is welcome to share their wares. Reverend Dave Macy coordinates the schedule.


Waterman’s Community Room is a busy, fun place. The walls are decked with local art and who doesn’t enjoy popping in for coffee and a muffin! Fresh flowers from around the island help the room look even more inviting and cared for. Ideally, every Monday morning a volunteer arrives with a bucket of beautiful flora to arrange in Waterman’s milk bottle vases.

Housing Help
Waterman’s has wonderful presenters and artists that participate in events or programs. Sometimes they need to spend the night on the island and it is terrific when Waterman’s can offer them a home-stay in a private house. Home stays can be offered in a guestroom or a house that isn’t currently occupied and the duration ranges from one night to many.

Cooking for Monthly Community Luncheon
On the first Monday of every month Waterman’s holds its Community Luncheon. All are welcome and provided with a homemade meal and good company. Every month cooks are needed to contribute the components of the meal: a main dish, a salad, a side dish, perhaps a bread and, of course (!) a dessert. Reverend Dave Macy coordinates the schedule and makes sure all the bases are covered.

Event Assistants
Some of Waterman’s crown jewels are our wonderful events. Though our House Manager or Programs Director always oversee the event, another set of hands (or 4!) are usually helpful. This help can involve taking ticket money, being a welcoming face, or helping in other ways to make the event a success.