Waterman's strives to serve the community of North Haven with a wide variety of program offerings for adults and kids. Our focus is to tap into local talent, connections and interests throughout the year-round and summer community to create a diverse array of high-level programming for all ages.

Regular, Year-Round Programming

On a small island off the coast of Maine, being an open facility throughout the year is rare. That is why Waterman's is committed to keeping programming going during all four seasons. These are just a few of the programs we offer year-round:

Community Coffee Hour - Every Thursday at 9:00 AM.

Community Coffee Hour - Every Thursday at 9:00 AM.

  • Our Coffee Shop is open 6 days per week (7 in the summer) from 7:00 AM - 4:30 PM.

  • Weekly Community Coffee Hour - community members of all ages gather around a few tables for coffee and locally prepared baked goods.

  • Monthly Community Luncheon - Hosted the first Monday of each month, all members of the North Haven community are welcome to attend this local gathering. Food is prepared by local community members, organizations, businesses and even North Haven Community School students.

  • Saturday Night Movie Screenings

  • After School Programming (see Youth Programs)

  • Laugh & Learn Preschool

  • Craft and Project Nights - A Monday night gathering and collaboration on all things craft.

  • Dance Club - An evening of movement and music; guest DJs and stage lights make for a fun evening.

Island Explorers summer camp program for ages 6-9

Island Explorers summer camp program for ages 6-9

Regular Summer Programming
(July & August)

Summer on North Haven is one of our favorite times of the year. It's also our busiest! We work hard all year to plan for July and August and it shows. Besides all of our special events (lectures/talks, concerts, theatrical productions, etc.), we offer an incredible array of summer camps for kids, adult workshops and art exhibits. We also offer several internship opportunities in our theater, coffee shop and camp programs. 


Theatrical Productions

Waterman's has a rich tradition in community and professional theater. Stepping into our beautiful 134 seat auditorium, it's easy to see how we are continuously inspired to evolve our program, pushing the boundaries of what we do year-round.

2014 original production:  The House of Broken Ships

2014 original production: The House of Broken Ships


Talks and Lectures

Waterman's hosts a incredible and diverse selection of talks and lectures throughout the year. Professionals from right here in our community and around the world discuss art, science, architecture, film, music, food, literature, politics and much more. Waterman's often partners with local organizations such as the North Haven Historical Society, North Haven Conservation Partners and the North Haven Library to help bring these amazing people to the island. Past speakers have included Mark Bittman, José Oubriere, Alice Quinn, Chellie Pingree, Sandor Katz, Susan Minot, Colin Woodard, Dr. Graham Shimmield, Juliet Lamont, Peter Ralston, Sue Van Hook, Jan Schreiber, David Wilson, John Tittman, Barbara Hammer, Lloyd Schwartz,  and many more. 


Performing Arts

Continuing North Haven's long tradition in the performing arts, Waterman's stage has welcomed an incredible variety of musical performances from rock, folk, jazz, blues, classical as well as many dance and creative movement performances. We strive to bring local as well as national talent to the stage for a diverse, compelling and entertaining experience. Waterman's also partners with Fox Islands Concerts each year to host some of the best concert musicians in the world. Past performers include Miro String Quartet, Chase Brock Experience, Lady Lamb, Toughcats, Molly Gawler, Ketch Secor, Deerhoof, Animal Hospital Ensemble, Lois Shapiro, Courtney Naliboff, Gawler Family, Chiharu Naruse, Cidny Bullens, Doug Kershaw and many others. 


Art Exhibits

One of the first things one notices when walking into Waterman's is the beautiful works of art that hang on our walls year-round. We take pride in displaying work from artists within and beyond our shores. We also hold annual silent auctions, exhibits by North Haven Community School students, pop-up boutiques and the Red Barn Flower Show.