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PO Box 526 12 Main Street, North Haven, Maine 04853
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Programs Director

William Trevaskis

Executive Director

Christie Hallowell

Youth Programs Director

Hillary Baribeau

Waterman’s Community Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization on the beautiful island of North Haven, ME located 12 miles out in Penobscot Bay. Waterman’s Community Center includes a 134-seat theater, state of the art sound and lighting equipment, a large community room for events and art exhibits, a coffee shop, classroom and meeting space. We offer a wide range of programs and events for all ages including after school programs, concerts, art exhibits, theater/dance productions, presentations, film screenings, summer camps, adult and teen workshops, and much more.

Board and Staff

Executive Committee & Trustees

President: David Hopkins     Vice President: Janet Williamson   

Secretary: Kat Alexander    Treasurer: Joette Adams

Dan Amory, Barbara Callahan, Tei Carpenter, Amanda Hallowell, Ben Hammond, Nancy Hopkins-Davisson, Merton A. Howard, Titia Hulst, Beth Lamont, Amy Marx ex-officio (non-voting), Steven Phillips, Alex Sanger


Angela Adams, Kim Alexander, Joan Amory, Elizabeth Bartovics, Lindsey Beverage, Cidny Bullens, Diane Cannon, Catherine Corson, Linda Darling, Jacob Greenlaw, Barney Hallowell, Lynn Hamlen, Bridget Hopkins,

Nancy Howard, Kelsey Jones, Nicholas Lamont, Susan Merchant, Marnie Miller, Susan Minot, Cecily Pingree,

Hannah Pingree, Jamien Shields, Mark Stein, Lisa Waite, Nancy Webb, David Wilson, Mary White, Blake Whitman

Executive Director: Christie Hallowell   Programs Director: William Trevaskis  

Youth Programs Director: Hillary Baribeau

Laugh & Learn Preschool Teachers: Wendy Cooper & Liza Waterman  

Coffee Shop Interns: Ann-Marie Beverage, David Wilson   Cleaning: Vicky Brown, Rebecca Dunn

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